🧠 14th richest man just became a bitcoiner

and Bitcoin enters geopolitical stage

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Alright, here’s what I got for you this week:

  • The 14th richest man just became a Bitcoiner

  • ‘Murica 🤝 Bitcoin (leaked documents)

  • 3 bull signals to watch 🐂

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Alright, let’s Bitcoin…


How do you say you’re a bitcoiner without saying you’re a bitcoiner?

Well, Michael Dell, the 14th richest man in the world, did it by posting this on X:

Now, what do you think you’re looking at?

A Cookie Monster eating Bitcoin? Nope.

You’re looking at a rapid acceleration of corporate bitcoin adoption.

Let me explain:

  • Michael Dell is the CEO of Dell Technologies

  • He is the majority shareholder and owns 58.9% of the stock

  • $DELL is sitting on $6 billion in cash 💸

  • And now he is actively posting about Bitcoin on X

Just two Mikes doin’ Mikey things

Oh, and did I already say he’s the 14th richest man in the world (and worth 24x more than Michael Saylor)?

If you’ve read my emails for some time, you might know my superpower: I can predict big Bitcoin moves with my groin.

And let me tell you, it’s tingling like no tomorrow.

Are we about to see another billionaire pull out the MicroStrategy playbook? My groin says yes.

Michael Dell didn’t become one of the richest people in the world by luck.

He knows that keeping his company’s cash reserves in USD is a bad idea.

With just $6 billion in cash and 3% inflation, Dell will lose $174 million a year. Yes, per year.

If Michael adopts Bitcoin, my next laptop will be a Dell 🙏


Well, almost.

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There’s panic in DC.

No, it’s not because Biden got lost on his way to the White House toilet.

It’s because the Biden admin knows they’ve fumbled the bag on Bitcoin and need to fix it ASAP.

How do I know? Thanks to some leaked documents!

Allegedly, Biden admin plans to attend a Bitcoin roundtable with key congressional members.

The goal? “Strategize on how to keep Bitcoin and blockchain innovation in the United States.”

This is the same Biden admin that:

  1. Harassed banks into dropping Bitcoin clients

  2. Delayed the Bitcoin ETF until the court forced approval

  3. Made bitcoin privacy illegal by imprisoning Samourai Wallet founders

  4. Refused to clarify securities law (while still enforcing it poorly)

  5. Tried introducing a 30% tax on Bitcoin mining

So, why the sudden change?

Well, this is right after Trump endorsed Bitcoin and said: ”I will end Joe Biden's war on crypto."

It’s obvious now: the Biden admin is scared. They realize they can’t afford not to be pro-bitcoin.

All presidential candidates (at least relevant ones) now have pro-bitcoin talking points on their agenda.

My body is ready for the $1 million Bitcoin Trump rally. 📈

Is yours?


1/ Bitcoin volatility at an all-time low

“Bitcoin is volatile!!1”

Wrong. Bitcoin has been quite stable in 2024.

Let’s take a look at Bitcoin’s 60-day volatility:

  • 2022: Swung above 100% multiple times

  • 2024: Been below 50% all year

So, has the Bitcoin ETF made Bitcoin stable?

I like this theory. It’s what happened to me after I met my fiancée. 🤷

2/ US Congressman wants to end the Fed

Yup, my boy Thomas Massie has introduced a bill to end the Fed.

The reason? He read ‘The Bitcoin Standard’.

Thomas explains his reasoning in this remarkable video.

3/ Bitcoin illiquid supply on the rise

What this means: bitcoin investors are hodling instead of trading.

This is good. Less liquidity on the market —> Bitcoin price goes up 📈




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