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Do you ever wonder what kind of person Satoshi was?

Well, this week, an early Bitcoin contributor released his ENTIRE email history with Satoshi - so you’re in for a treat!

Also, if I insulted your country in this email, please forgive me.

Or don’t. I don’t care.

Alright, here’s what I got for you this week:

  • New Satoshi emails released (spoiler: he was a gangsta)

  • Bitcoin hits an all-time-high 🚀

  • Central bankers get savagely dunked on

Estimated read time: 4 minutes and 15 seconds

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For a long time, there was a veil of mystery around the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin.

Well, this week, an early Bitcoin contributor, Martti Malmi (a fellow Finn, yay 🇫🇮), released his entire email history with Satoshi (120 pages).

He did this as part of the Craig Wright vs. COPA trial (I broke it down here) to prove Craig is not Satoshi.

It’s a treasure trove if you’re fascinated by the early days of Bitcoin (aka if you’re a nerd like me).

Here are my top 7 favorite bits:

  1. Satoshi called gold bugs ‘Neanderthal’

I spat out my water when I read this.

What a gangsta. I’m 100% stealing this insult.

  1. Satoshi believed Bitcoin would use less energy than the legacy banking system

Narrator: he was right.

A 2021 report from Galaxy Digital suggests that Bitcoin uses less than half the energy of legacy banking banking.

Checkmate, banker boys.

  1. In 2009, Satoshi was tired and needed a break

Look, everyone needs a break.

Going to a Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet? You’ll need to take breaks.

Working 9-5 in a moldy cubicle next to your farting coworker Jim? You’ll need to take toilet breaks.

Building a future financial system from scratch? Yes, you’ll also need to take breaks.

Unlike me on my toilet breaks, I’m happy Satoshi returned and continued his tireless work. 🤝

  1. Someone donated $2,000 to Satoshi

He had the donor send it in cash via mail to Martti’s address.

Imagine receiving $2,000 in an envelope… *starts sweating*

  1. Satoshi worked on Bitcoin on Christmas day

Satoshi could have been stuffing his face with gingerbread. But no, he was busy coding the future financial system for YOU to use.


  1. Satoshi removed language that said Bitcoin was "anonymous” from the Bitcoin.org website

He was worried it would make Bitcoin sound shady.

It’s evident Satoshi was always careful not to attract any unwanted attention.

The last time we heard from Satoshi was when Wikileaks drew lots of attention to it by accepting Bitcoin.

  1. Satoshi was British ☕🎩

Not only did he use traditional British expressions like “ought” and “bloody hard,” but he also used British spelling:

  • Realize —> realise

  • Skeptic —> sceptic

  • Labor —> labour

Also, Satoshi NEVER made spelling mistakes and had perfect grammar (sorry for the occasional typo😇).

All in all, he seemed polite and a down-to-earth person.

All these lead me to believe he was a very well-spoken and distinguished British gentleman.

I can’t help but imagine him sipping tea with his pinky finger up while coding up Bitcoin.

I bet he even had decent teeth (for a British person).

Or did he use this spelling to confuse us? Who knows.

Not so hot take: Satoshi’s identity doesn’t matter.

Not only that, you should NOT be trying to find out who he is.

Satoshi used a pseudonym because he WANTED to be private.

Please respect that.

Even if Satoshi is dead, accusing someone of being Satoshi endangers their family because you’re putting a target on their back.

Personally, I hope Satoshi is not dead.

I hope he’s sitting on some beach sipping margaritas with an “I told you so” smirk.

Thank you, Satoshi, wherever you are.


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No, I’m not BS’ing.

Bitcoin has hit an all-time high in 14 countries!

Is this because Bitcoin pumped? Yes, it helped.

But that’s not the main reason. It has more to do with the rapid devaluation of the local currency in these 14 countries.

And these are not some tiny countries no one has ever heard of. These 14 countries make up:

  • ~13% of the world’s population

  • ~7% of the world’s GDP

  • Argentina is leading the scoreboard with a 254% inflation rate. Oof.

That’s crazy. It’s almost as if Bitcoin was designed for this…

And this is only going to accelerate.

Why? Because the world is more connected than ever. Local currencies used to have geographic advantage.

But those times are long gone.

Bitcoin is sucking out value from every fiat currency.

Some die slower than others, but the trend is clear: all fiat currencies are trending to zero.

Just a few more to go.



Sniff, sniff…you smell that?

That’s fear.

That’s fear reeking European Central Bank, who just published another FUD piece on Bitcoin.

The ECB claims that Bitcoin:

  • It has failed to become a decentralized currency

  • Is falling victim to fraud and manipulation

  • It is costly, slow, and inconvenient

All correct. Except they misspelled ‘euro.’

The best part? X community notes immediately fact-checked ECB. 😂

Get rekt, parasites.

But anyway, anyone with 2 brain cells can tell that ECB is lying:

  1. Unlike Bitcoin, the European Central Bank is literally run by a fraud-convicted criminal (hint: it’s our girl Lagarde)

  2. The Euro has lost 99.5% of its value against Bitcoin in the last 10 years (source: one f*cking Google search)

  3. ~97% of all bought Bitcoin are in profit currently

What a weak-sauce FUD.

This whole thing has the same energy as the candle industry arguing against electricity because it’s “dangerous.”

The central bankers and the rest of the rent seekers are afraid.

They’re afraid Europeans will start noticing their money being devalued right under their noses.

Europeans spend increasingly more and more time and energy working (except the French, who never work) just to stay afloat. And you’re stealing it from them by debasing their hard-earned money.

Your time is nigh. Bitcoin will make you obsolete.

P.S.: I’m joking about the French. They do work - when it’s time to riot…


  • Michael Saylor says he will never stop buying Bitcoin. “Bitcoin is the exit strategy”.

  • Craig Wright’s sister says he is Satoshi. Proof? He works in a room full of computers dressed like a ninja.

  • Edward Snowden calls Bitcoin' the most significant monetary advance since the invention of coinage.’ Amen to that.



The first ever Bitcoin logo - created by Satoshi himself 14 years ago.


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