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First, happy and relaxing Sunday to 8,061 patients reading today. 👋 

It was a busy week for Bitcoin. I hope reading this makes you as bullish as I am writing it.

Alright, here’s what I got for you this week:

  • Never trust a celebrity crypto project

  • 3 bull signals from the week 🐂

  • Bitcoin ETFs are breaking records 🔥

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Alright, let’s Bitcoin…


Let me tell you a quick story about human greed.

It starts with the celebrity Caitlyn Jenner, who recently took advantage of the crypto hype and launched her token, $JENNER.

This sparked skepticism, and many blamed Jenner for trying to scam them.

HisHer response?

The excitement lasted for a whopping 32 hours.

Because in a crazy twist of events, this happened:

It turns out $JENNER was a scam, after all. Oopsie.

The Internet did what the Internet does and tracked down this Sahil guy.

Turns out he’s a serial scammer.

And Caitlyn Jenner isn’t the first celebrity to dive into crypto. 

From Shaq to Mila Kunis, many celebs have tried to ride the crypto hype train.

And what do these celeb projects have in common? They’ve all either died or straight-up rugged their investors.

Check out this (sad) graphic:


Celebrities are just looking for a quick buck. Your buck.


Imagine this: 

  • You’ve been working your ass off and saving Bitcoin for years

  • One beautiful day, you open your online wallet and see a big fat 0 on your screen

  • You’ve been a victim of a cyberattack, and your hard-earned Bitcoin is gone forever. Poof., Just like that.

I don’t need to imagine this: this happened to me in 2018.

After that, I learned my lesson: always use a hardware wallet (I cannot stress this enough).

The founder, Zach Herbert, and the team have built a beautiful device to secure your Bitcoin:

  1. Security. Passport is 100% cold storage - your Bitcoin keys NEVER interact with the outside world

  2. Ease of use. No tiny screens or fiddly buttons. The Passport is one of the few wallets that is a joy to use (just look at that beauty below)

  3. Made for your smartphone. The guys have built a mobile app that works seamlessly with your Passport 📱

And as a bonus, you get an IVPN subscription for 3 months after you buy your Passport if you use the link below 👇

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Passport and secure your precious Bitcoin ASAP!

PS: If you have any questions about hardware wallets, reply to this email (I always reply)


1/ “I just bought 3 Bitcoin miners that started hashing today in Iraan, TX”


Who said this?

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While I’ve made myself chuckle multiple times at the idea of Pope mining Bitcoin, the answer is this guy:

“I’m proud to join the ranks of Texas Bitcoin miners!” - Ted Cruz

Yup, a US Senator is mining Bitcoin. What a time to be alive.

Biden likes minors.

Cruz likes miners.

Welcome to the Bitcoin team, Senator.

I can’t wait for Elizabeth Warren to see this and scream, “Iran is mining Bitcoin!!11!” 😂

2/ RFK Jr buys 21 Bitcoin

RFK Jr: “I bought 21 Bitcoin with the proceeds from winning the case against Monsanto. 3 Bitcoin for each of my 7 kids.”

First things first. 7 kids? This guy’s been busy. Respect. 🤝

Second, I’d never imagined in 2017 that a presidential candidate would own and publicly endorse Bitcoin.

Also, why didn’t you buy me 3 BTC when I was little, Dad? WTF?

Hey, RFK, are you looking for an 8th kid? Asking for a friend.

3/ Bitcoin is getting ready for the bulls?

I’m not a fan of technical analysis.

However, I had to share this chart porn with you.

I’m just going to leave this here…


It was a big week for Bitcoin spot ETFs.

Just last Tuesday, they bought 12,508 BTC.

For context, that’s 27 times more than how many new Bitcoins are mined daily. Let me repeat: that’s 27x.

And Tuesday was not a glitch: The Bitcoin ETFs have been breaking all kinds of records lately:

1/ BlackRock Bitcoin ETF becomes the fastest to reach $20 billion

It took the previous record holder 3 years to reach this.

Guess how long it took Bitcoin ETF?

2 years? 1 year?

No, 127 days 🤯

2/ Bitcoin ETFs are crushing the gold ETFs

In my opinion, you have to compare Bitcoin ETF to its closest competitor, the Gold ETF.

Here’s how long it took to reach $15 billion in inflows:

  • Gold ETFs = 5 years

  • Bitcoin ETFs = 5 months

It’s no surprise that other countries are looking to jump on the orange train.

Earlier this week, Australia launched its first spot ETF.

It’s safe to say there is tons of demand for Bitcoin.

If you’ve been hodling for at least 1 year, I salute you. 🫡


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