🧠 Top 6 most savage Bitcoin moments

and orange man + orange coin = good

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  • Okay, now Trump REALLY likes Bitcoin ❤️

  • Top 6 most savage Bitcoin moments (#2 is wild) 🔥

  • One reason why every company should adopt Bitcoin (with proof)

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Alright, let’s Bitcoin…


It’s Wednesday morning. I woke up with neck pain and a stuffed nose. I’ve also run out of coffee. It’s starting to look like a bad morning.

But it all changed when I opened my phone and saw this:

No, your eyes are not lying: the former (and potentially next) President of the United States said:

  • Bitcoin is ‘our last line of defense' against the CBDC

  • The remaining Bitcoin should be made in the US

  • Bitcoin will help the US become energy-dominant

And before someone screams, “He’s just pandering for votes!!1”.

Yes, that’s true. Welcome to politics.

If you think like this, you’re missing the forest for the trees: bitcoin is a large enough movement with capital and political influence to pander to.

Most bitcoiners have mentally checked out from the political system. This makes many of them single-issue voters.

You endorse Bitcoin = you get my vote.

We’re a few steps away from a possible full send mode.

Why? Because when America goes all in, the rest follow.

The nation-state game theory is playing out in front of your eyes. 🍿

TLDR: Orange man + orange coin = good

And this is what you’ll be blessed with for the next 4 years:

“Bitcoin has hit $1 million dollars today. One. Million. Dollars, folks. Unbelievable, right?! We’re talking about wealth creation like you’ve never seen before. This is what happens when you elect Donald J. Trump as your president. I’m making America rich again, believe me. But not the Democrats, no way. They hate Bitcoin. They’re having fun staying poor, folks. Isn’t that wonderful? We love seeing those nasty Democrats staying poor. They can’t get their grubby hands on your money when it’s in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is soaring because of Trump. People are saying I sent Bitcoin to the moon. Some are even saying I’m more important to Bitcoin than Satoshi. How about that?”



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Have you ever been burned so bad you had to move to another town and start using your middle name? Well, these guys have.

Here are the top 6 most savage Bitcoin moments:

1/ Ben Carman schools a gold bug 🔥

"Self-custody is hard!!1"

Ben Carman: hold my beer 🍺

For the 9594th time self, custody is not hard; Foundation Devices make this easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

2/ Saifedean Ammous demolishes a Bitcoin hater 🔥

Saifedean Ammous, the author of the Bitcoin bible ‘The Bitcoin Standard,’ is a man of many talents:

  1. He writes amazing books

  2. Counsels the heads of state on Bitcoin

  3. Eats Bitcoin critics for breakfast

3/ Adam Back destroys Luna founder Do Kwon 🔥

Adam Back is a Bitcoin OG. He is one of the few people mentioned in the Bitcoin Whitepaper and directly spoke with Satoshi.

And Adam Back is a pretty laid-back dude, except when it comes to crypto scammers.

Here, Adam casually destroys Do Kwon, the creator of Luna “stablecoin” that imploded in May 2022:

4/ CryptoGraffiti pranks First Republic 🔥

Remeber when First Republic, a US bank, had a bank run?

That’s when a bitcoin activist artist, ‘cryptograffiti’ pulled this legendary move:

5/ McDonald’s roasts crypto bros 🔥

June 2022. There’s been a massive price dump across the market.

‘WAGMI!” screams turn into sobbing. Crypto bros are at their lowest.

And that’s when the McDonald’s social media intern strikes:

6/“Pretty sure we’re both centralized”

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Good job, blockchain(.)com intern. 🤝🏻


*sobbing quietly*

Oh, hey there. No, I’m not sad. These are tears of joy.

We’re seeing corporate Bitcoin adoption happen right in front of our eyes. And you, dear reader, got yourself a front-row seat!

Let’s take a look at 3 publicly listed companies that adopted bitcoin and where they’re now:

1/ Semler Scientific

  1. The healthcare company announced a $40M Bitcoin purchase on May 28th (this is a wild amount for a company that itself was worth $130M at the time)

  2. Bought an additional $17M bitcoin + selling their own stock to buy more later

  3. Semler Scientific stock is up ~76%. 🫡

2/ DEFI Technologies

  1. This Canadian web3 company bought 110 Bitcoin

  2. The stock price went up ~100% 🫡

3/ MetaPlanet

  1. The small $15M Japanese company bought $6M Bitcoin and adopted Bitcoin as the main treasury asset

  2. Today, the company has tripled in valuation and owns 141 BTC

Let me recap:

  • Semler Scientific = 70% 📈

  • DEFI Technologies = 100% 📈

  • Meta Planet = 400% 📈

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what’s called ‘The Bitcoin Effect’.

Companies are starting to realize that putting Bitcoin on their balance sheets is a massive cheat code.

PS: If you know a company that wants to buy Bitcoin in Europe, we at Relai Business can make it happen (I work there). 🤝




“Wikileaks has kicked the hornet’s nest, and the swarm is headed toward us”

One of the last messages from Satoshi before he disappeared. 😔


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